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Emergency Food & Shelter Program (EFSP)

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) was created in 1983 to supplement and expand the work of local social service agencies, both nonprofit and governmental, in an effort to help people with economic emergencies. During its years of operation, the program disbursed over $3.3 billion. The award amount each county receives is based on the total number of unemployed as compared to the total number of unemployed in all qualifying jurisdictions.


Organizations may only request funding to serve individuals within Riverside County. According to the terms of the grant from the national board, local governmental or private voluntary organizations chosen to receive funds must: (1) be private voluntary non-profits or units of government, (2) have an accounting system, (3) practice non-discrimination, (4) have demonstrated the capability to deliver emergency food and/or shelter programs, and (5) if they are a private voluntary organization, they must have a voluntary board. The Local EFSP board convenes to determine the highest need and best use of funds and to select Local Recipient Organizations (LROs) that will provide emergency food and shelter services based on the needs and changes in the community.

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